Aurora Hunting -Tour w/PHOTOS

Aurora Hunting -Tour w/PHOTOS

We are Aurora Experts! Local knowledge of weather changes and locations give a huge advance and the best result for you!


By car/minivan thru Wilderness to the best places to see Northern Lights! This is premium tour and the best chance to see the LIGHTS!

Photography is included in the price! We will give the edited photos via smart phone applications (WhatsApp/Airdrop ect) and Google Drive with max resolution. Tour duration 3-5h. Depends on the weather, start at late evening (7pm-10pm) Pick up/Drop off (Downtown-Santa Claus Village Area) We offer hot juice and cookies warm car and blankets.

min. 2 person

  • Cancellation because of the weather!

    We don´t want to waste your money! If weather is bad (cloudy) and there´s no possibilty for succesful tour (to see Northern Lights) we will not start at all! Payment will be returned 100%.

  • Long term booking!!

    The most flexible booking ever made! Because of changing weather: You can decide later when to use your booking exatly! Your booking will be valid for 1 week (7 days). We will have Aurora Hunting every day when there´s a decent chance to see the Northern Lights! We will give the prediction and estimate every day!

118,00 €Price